Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Protect your vehicle investment with paint protection film.

We can protect almost any painted surface, so don't hesitate to ask about custom coverage's!

Paint protection film acts as an invisible, self healing layer of armour over your vehicles paint finish. It maintains an indefinite showroom finish by fully protecting the paintwork from stones, road debris, minor scuffs and insect splatter. As a result your vehicle will maintain that impeccable condition throughout its life, increasing its resale value should you choose to sell it.

Why choose us for PPF?

We offer true paint correction before PPF install to ensure the paint underneath looks flawless rather than trying to hide scratches with the film. This results in a higher level of gloss and long lasting product.


Hood Package

Protects: Partial Hood, Partial Fenders and Mirrors

Starting at $349


Bumper Package

Protects: Entire Front Bumper & Mirrors

Starting at $499


Premium Package

Protects: Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Full Bumper and Mirrors

Starting at $749

Full Coverage

Ultimate Package

Protects: Full Hood, Full Fenders, Bumper & Mirrors

Starting at $1499

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