Newmarket's Paint Correction Specialists

Our intensive paint correction packages will remove imperfections and defects in paintwork such as swirls, scratches, oxidation and acid etching from bird droppings. We utilize the best products and safest techniques to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, all without compromising paint thickness.

After your paint is corrected, it's a great idea to pair it with one of our ceramic coating packages and or paint protection film (PPF) to lock in and protect from future swirling and scuffing.

Level 1 Paint Correction


This budget friendly package is perfect for light-colored vehicles and daily drivers.

Our Level 1 paint correction service utilizes a one step machine polish to transform the appearance of the paint finish. Even with just one step we can remove almost all swirls and light imperfections. Because all paint finishes are different, we use test spots to find the best procedure to achieve maximum results. For example the softer paint finishes such as those found on Japanese brands will respond better than the harder paint finishes found on German brands.

Price from $225

Level 2 Paint Correction


This package is ideal for dark coloured vehicles and neglected finishes.

With our Level 2 paint correction the vehicle will receive two corrective steps. The first step starts with a machine compound to level deeper scratches and imperfections and is followed by a second polishing step to refine the finish and enhance clarity and gloss. The condition and type of paint will determine the overall level of condition but typically you can expect 80-90% of defects corrected.

Price from $350

Level 3 Paint Correction


This package is perfect for exotics or people that want their vehicle to look its absolute best.

With three to five stages of correction this is the package to choose when perfection is of the highest importance. A free paintwork evaluation is necessary before booking this package.

Consultation Needed For Price