Look Good While Keeping Cool

We only use industry leading films from 3M, SunTek and SKY to provide long lasting durable protection for your vehicles windows.

4 Features and Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

1. Block UV Radiation

The best thing about ceramic window tint is that reduces up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV-A and UV-B cancer causing rays without the need for darkened window film. If you don't love the idea of having dark windows, but still want to protect your eyes and skin, then ceramic window tint is the way to go. Over time, UV rays can also damage the interior of your vehicle causing precious leather and vinyl surfaces to fade and crack and hurting the resale value of your vehicle. In addition, solar window film prolongs the life of all rubber, wood, audio and speaker systems.

2. Increased Safety

A benefit of ceramic window film that many people may not know about is that it can actually keep you safer in the unfortunate event of an accident. When ceramic window film is applied to the glass of your vehicle, it provides an extra barrier of protection for increased safety by increasing the shatter resistance of the glass. Not only will the glass be more difficult to break, but the film helps hold shattered glass in place and prevents the shards of glass from flying around the vehicle. Ceramic window film is also a deterrent to "smash and grab" thieves since glass with film installed is much harder to break though than regular glass.

3. Reduces Glare

Having ceramic window film installed can also make you a safer driver by reducing glare and eye fatigue which improves your vision and safety. Better visibility makes you a safer driver for you, your passengers, other drives, and pedestrians. We all know that UV rays are harmful to your skin, but they are just as harmful to your eyes. Instead of driving around town squinting from the sun, have ceramic window tint installed and enjoy a glare free ride for both you and your passengers.

4. Reduces Heat

Just like with traditional window film, ceramic window film is very effective in keeping the interior of your vehicle cool and reduces up to 70% of the heat. This is especially beneficial on hot summer days. Since the interior of your vehicle will be naturally cooler, you will find that you have to use your air conditioning system less often which will also increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. You will also have a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Also, since ceramic window film can be applied to your windshield, your vehicle will be even cooler than if you had traditional window tint installed.

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